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HIPAA Compliant Hosting Plans

Blue CaduceusHIPAA Cloud Startup


  • 2 GB Memory
  • 50 GB Storage
  • 320 GB Bandwidth
  • True HIPAA Compliance™
per month

Entry level plan for startups who need HIPAA compliant hosting with minimal resources.

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Blue CaduceusHIPAA Cloud Enhanced


  • 6 GB Memory
  • 150 GB Storage
  • 640 GB Bandwidth
  • True HIPAA Compliance™
per month

Ideal for organizations who need a cost-effective, reliable HIPAA compliant hosting solution.

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Blue CaduceusHIPAA Cloud Enterprise


  • 10 GB Memory
  • 200 GB Storage
  • 960 GB Bandwidth
  • True HIPAA Compliance™
per month

For companies who need a powerful, managed HIPAA compliant hosting solution with additional bandwidth.

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HIPAA Compliant Hosting Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With new technologies and services being launched daily, organizations need a cloud and/or HIPAA hosting provider they can trust to provide uncompromising security and performance and ensure they are HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance is required by all companies in the healthcare industry and for anyone providing services that deal with patient information or electronic medical records (EMR).

At VM Racks, HIPAA compliant hosting solutions are our specialty. We answer your HIPAA hosting questions and provide you with the necessary documentation and service level agreements you need to prove that your vendor is HIPAA Compliant.

Medical Billing Systems
HIPAA Compliant Software
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Patient Management Systems
SaaS Hosting
Application Hosting
VMware Hosting Provider
Lab Testing
5 reasons to select VM racks secure cloud hosting
  1. 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
  2. Cloud or Dedicated VMWare Hosting
  3. Migration Support Included
  4. 24/7 Support with every Hosting Plan
  5. Price Match Guarantee

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VMware Hosting Service Provider

As your VMware hosting service provider, VM Racks manages the hardware and network, so you can focus on your business. Our typical client is already familiar with the advantages of VMware hosting like High Availability (HA) and DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduling). VM Racks assists in transferring existing VMs, creating new ones, managing backups and providing security. Our technical support staff is knowledgeable about VMware hosting and HIPAA compliant hosting (HIPAA Hosting).

HIPAA Compliant Hosting

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