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Level 1 Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

HIPAA Compliant Hosting services offered by VM Racks takes advantage of the VM Racks virtualization stack. VMware High Availability (HA) clusters provide cost-effective and streamlined high availability for applications running on VMs because downtime and service interruptions are eliminated, or minimized, without the added cost of dedicated standby hardware and associated installed software. This means that HA can be extended not only to Tier 1 applications, but also to applications that were previously left unprotected because of cost and complexity issues. In addition, VMware HA can be deployed across heterogeneous environments, rather than using an application or operating system-specific approach for each system.

VMware HA can be used not only to improve application uptime, but also to support storage allocation changes for performance or capacity efficiency.

VM Racks enterprise customers are deployed on the robust VMware virtualization stack with High Availability enabled using a cluster of physical servers. If a physical server fails due to hardware or software issues, the virtual machines (VMs) on the failing host are automatically migrated from the failing server to a healthy one.

VM Racks enterprise customers are supported by a fully-redundant infrastructure to assure maximum uptime of all systems, including the following:

  • Network Routers
  • Network Switches
  • Network Cables
  • Firewalls
  • Physical Servers
  • Security Appliances

VM Racks provides off-site backups (on a scheduled basis) to its HIPAA Compliant Hosting customers. The system-level backup containing ePHI data is replicated to the VM Racks off-site disaster recovery data center. The facility is geographically-dispersed and a safe distance away from the primary data center for emergency recovery purposes. Backups can be restored by a remote backup server in the event that a disaster occurs at the primary hosting facility.

VM Racks enterprise customers are hosted on robust and redundant storage arrays so the failure of a hardware component does not impair the ability to access ePHI data.

Reliability is built into the storage architecture and includes: integrity checks that ensure data consistency; high availability, and redundant controllers with quick fail-over for continuous operation; and higher RAID data storage to transparently protect against dual-disk failure.

Storage-redundant technology includes:

  • Redundant Disk Drives (RAID configuration)
  • Redundant Ports on the Storage Controllers
  • Redundant Disk Controllers
  • Redundant Network Infrastructure
  • Continuous Monitoring

VM Racks enterprise customers are hosted within an environment using redundant security appliances. A fault tolerant firewall includes a mechanism to duplex each firewall so that firmware patches can be applied while maintaining access to ePHI data.

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