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Customer Evolution – VM Racks Case Study

By vmradmin, VM Racks

Navigating today’s complex healthcare system can be challenging. Historically, the burden has fallen to consumers to find their way through the maze, with “single-point solutions” creating an essentially disconnected care journey. Whether it’s finding a physician, scheduling appointments, or managing follow-up care, this approach has tended to produce less-than-satisfactory outcomes and patient experiences.

The Challenge

Customer Evolution is convinced that the same kinds of quality, consumer experiences that exist in non-healthcare markets – such as when applying for a mortgage or buying a car – should also exist in healthcare. A cutting-edge, healthcare services innovator, Customer…

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PatientlySpeaking – A VM Racks Case Study

By vmradmin, VM Racks

Since 2016, VM Racks has been proud to partner with PatientlySpeaking, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platform company offering automated solutions to practice management and electronic health record systems. VM Racks provides PatientlySpeaking with HIPAA compliant hosting and managed security services, through the use of various site to site VPNs, virtual machines, and scalable infrastructure solutions. VM Racks’ skilled engineers also coordinate with PatientlySpeaking to develop, implement, and maintain their interactive, web-based applications.


Private practices, large healthcare organizations, and medical billing companies often face difficulties…

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