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Overall Price

what is being purchased in terms of service and overall benefits to any company. For instance, if compared against the likes of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in an infrastructure only manner, VM Racks would be a more expensive monthly option since Google is able to offer a lower base price for their infrastructure service. Google Cloud Platform has an effective rate of $0.070/hour of uptime. Estimated charges for a month would be $153.30, assuming a 24/7 uptime. In addition to the price for Google’s cloud infrastructure, their Silver Support package, which only includes a 4 hour incidence response time and access to their online help forums, would cost an additional $150/month. Even Google’s Gold Support option which includes email and limited phone support for $400 doesn’t offer anything close to VM Racks’ standard support. VM Racks offers HIPAA compliant web hosting plans starting at $299 per month. All VM Racks’ HIPAA compliant hosting plans include fully managed services and 24/7 technical support.When comparing Google Cloud to VM Racks, the value of both the cloud infrastructure, a fully managed solution, and 24/7 technical support should all be combined to reach a final monthly price.

Managed Service

One of the biggest difference between the Google Cloud Platform and VM Racks is the amount of managed services being provided in the prices for the initial packages.

VM Racks provides managed services included in the package price so that customers don’t have to worry about buying a costly support package separate from the fixed price. VM Racks starting package includes 24x7x365 technical support, infrastructure monitoring, emergency support access, off-site backups, operating system patching, a managed firewall, access log monitoring, managed security service such as multi-tenant isolation, server hardening, vulnerability scan, two factor authentication, along with other features that ensure the highest standards of accessibility and HIPAA compliance, all included in a straightforward, fixed monthly price.

Although Google Cloud Platform ensures the server will remain up (in terms of “uptime”) and available, Google’s monthly plans do not include managed services as part of the monthly cost in the starting package. Basic services like phone support, break/fix tickets, support for critical issues are not included in the monthly price offered by Google. As a customer you have to purchase “Paid Support Packages” to obtain these additional support features. 24x7x365 service support by phone and ticket is only available in Google’s highest priced support package.

VM Racks is the clear value leader for HIPAA compliant hosting when compared to the Google Cloud Platform when including managed services and 24/7 technical support in plans from small business to enterprise deployments.

The table below compares VM Racks Hosting and Google Cloud Platform Hosting

 VM Racks
Minimum Configuration3 Cores, 11.5 GB RAM, 50 GB Storage1 CPU, 3GB RAM, 50GB Storage
Web Server
Database Server
WAF Server
Log Retention Server
Two Factor Authentication
Technical SupportForum Free
Package Specific- $150/month (min)
Advanced Monitoring
OS Updates
System Patching
Log MonitoringSelf Monitored
Host Intrusion Detection
Managed Firewall with Unified Threat Management
IP Reputation
Vulnerability Scans

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