HIPAA Compliant SFTP Server


Secure FTP Server

Protects Files During FTP Transmission

The VM Racks SFTP server is built with security in mind. It’s purpose is to protect documents that contain Protected Health Information (PHI).

The protection is at several levels including:

  • Secure and encrypted transfer to the FTP server
  • Encrypted Hard Disk where the files reside
  • Anti-Virus protection
  • Anti-malware protection
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Host Intrusion Detection
  • Password Management
  • Monitoring

Common Deployments for SFTP Server

Medical Transcriptions from Remote Employees or Contractors
Storage of Images and Video with PHI (X-Rays, Diagnostics, Screenings, etc.)
Providers and Laboratories Transmitting EMRs

Secure SSH Protocol

Documents are transferred over a secure tunnel using RSA Key Exchange for encryption. The encryption prevents unauthorized access during the transmission of the document between your office and the FTP server located in the VM Racks secure data center.

Encrypted Hard Disk

The hard drive of the SFTP server is encrypted to ensure that the documents reside in an encrypted container, which meets HIPAA guidelines.

Encryption is AES-256 (type of encryption)

Isolation between FTP Users

Each FTP user is isolated from its neighbor, which prevents the FTP user from wandering over and attempting to view or manipulate the files uploaded by another FTP user.

Password Management

VM Racks keeps track of the passwords in an easy to use management system, so that each FTP user can recall or even reset their own password.

FTP Monitoring

VM Racks is diligent in monitoring the Secure FTP server. Employing enterprise monitoring techniques, VM Racks staff is alerted if an anomalous condition arises. Engineers are available 24/7 to react during an incident that requires attention.

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HIPAA Compliant Managed Services

The following Managed Services are included with every HIPAA compliant hosting plan

Host Intrusion Detection System
Multi-tenant Isolation

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