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What are Managed Services?

In the industry of website hosting, and more so with HIPAA compliant web hosting, it is important to keep all aspects of services and software as up-to-date as possible. Managed services provide a solution to that issue by offloading these tasks to a set of dedicated IT professionals. These dedicated IT professionals will generally handle everything from general support questions and maintenance to more complex issues such as advanced firewall configurations and system monitoring on behalf of their clients. With VM Racks, HIPAA Compliant Managed Services are included with all of our solutions hosting – Hosting, SFTP, Email, Cloud Drive BC/DR, and more. Managed services are an added benefit to our customers and ensure an organization is always up to do with their HIPAA compliance data and system security.

Benefits of Managed Services

  • Reduced Operating Cost
  • Dedicated support team
  • Compliance & Security
  • Peace of Mind

The main focus and purpose of VM Racks providing a completely managed solution is to allow customers to spend more time and effort focusing on their business instead of having to manage the technical aspects of their cloud environment. Typical web hosts and HIPAA providers offer minimal, if any, managed services as part of their solutions, which puts the burden of ensuring HIPAA compliance back on the customer and takes away from their ability to focus on other vital business concerns.

VM Racks prides itself on being the value leader for HIPAA compliant solutions and support. All VM Racks HIPAA Compliant Hosting solutions come as a fully managed service with a team of dedicated system administrators tasked with ensuring full HIPAA compliance and providing our customers with peace of mind that their systems will continue to function at the highest level. By utilizing a combination of commercial and open source products, VM Racks is able to provide customers a true HIPAA compliant solution at an affordable price. Our team of dedicated systems administrators pride themselves on delivering the highest level of customer service possible. With VM Racks’ customers, technical issues are handled at a Tier 2 engineering level from the beginning and come with an average response time of less than 1-hour. Our systems administrators sole focus is on ensuring HIPAA Compliance and system availability.

VM Racks’ is dedicated to providing our customers with streamlined and efficient solutions for true HIPAA compliance.

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