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Overall Price

When looking into HIPAA compliant hosting, determining which hosting provider can best handle the specific needs businesses face can be challenging. It is easy to see that most hosting providers’ introductory plans provide minimal features with the ability to incorporate more through additional costs. Few come close to the complete offering VM Racks provides as a part of its start-up plan. As a result of everything that comes with VM Racks start-up plan, including industry-leading pricing and support, VM Racks boasts one of the best values compared to its competitors. When compared side-by-side with companies like Online Tech it is easy to notice many of the differences and benefits that VM Racks provides as a Managed Security Service Provider. Plans offered by Online Tech start at $459 a month, with an additional one-time cost of $398 charged to cover deployment, a service provided by VM Racks as a part of its customer support. Despite Online Tech offering reasonable monthly cost plans, VM Racks still provides a notable upside when considering the bigger picture. Offering a straightforward cost, ensuring a transparent experience makes for a surprisingly stress-free hosting solution.

Managed Service

When comparing Online Tech to VM Racks, there are many services offered through both hosting providers. Despite the similarities shared between the two companies in their introductory level plan, the differences they have separated the two. VM Racks set an industry standard that strives to provide a quality product far above that offered from Online Tech. When considering long-term service agreements, it is important to have a knowledgeable support staff that is there to help and makes the process easier. The migration and deployment offered free of charge from VM Racks help to start off that business relationship in a positive light. Limiting the stress and frustration experienced ensures focus can remain on running operations rather than irrelevant problems. When comparing the mission of VM Racks and Online Tech the focus of each company is quite different. Online Tech, is a company focused on providing IT service management solutions, whereas VM Racks aims to provide Web-based hosting. Companies looking to receive general IT assistance might find benefit from using Online Tech. On the flip side, if a company is worried about addressing HIPAA compliance hosting needs, it would be hard to argue VM Racks isn’t the solution.

The table below compares VM Racks Hosting and OnlineTech:

 VM Racks
Minimum Configuration3 CPU, 11.5 GB RAM, 50 GB Storage2 CPU, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB Storage
Web Server
Database Server
WAF Server
Log Retention Server
Two Factor Authentication
Technical Support$398.60 Migration and deplayment fee
Advanced Monitoring
OS Updates
System Patching
Log Monitoring
Host Intrusion Detection
Managed Firewall with Unified Threat Management
IP Reputation
Vulnerability Scans

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