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Rackspace vs. VM Racks

If you are a current Rackspace customer or someone looking for a Rackspace alternative, we need to talk!

Do You Long for the Days When Rackspace Actually Provided Fanatical Support?

VM Racks 24/7 support doesn’t have tiers, because when a customer calls or chats support, at any hour, a real person in the US can solve their problem.

Rackspace has been a leader in Cloud Hosting for several years now, boasting “Fanatical” Support and several premium service offerings; however, rapid expansion and acquisitions haven’t been cost-free. Recent customer surveys and reviews reveal a customer base becoming increasingly tired of declining support and service. Rackspace used to be known for outstanding support – “Fanatical” was the trademarked term they used to describe it. When you called, you got somebody who could actually fix your problem – not a ticket taker. This was well beyond what most enterprise hosts provided at the time, and having such dedicated technicians and support staff meant that Rackspace was able to charge a premium price for it’s hosting. Unfortunately for many Rackspace customers, this model has slowly eroded over the last 3 or so years to a much more sustainable “Front Line Support” model.

Have You Checked Your Rackspace Bill Lately?

With the drop in support quality, Rackspace’s premium price becomes increasingly difficult to justify. Why pay some of the highest hosting costs in the industry for what is essentially mediocre support? VM Racks hosts on an arguably more robust managed platform with dedicated support technicians. Find out how you can Save up to 50% on your Rackspace bill!

VM Racks Surges Past Rackspace With Great Support and Competitive Pricing

VM Racks has been in the web hosting business for over 20 years. From our first customer we believed that outstanding service and support is our primary mission, and we still believe that today. VM Racks provides managed cloud products like hosting for customers who need HIPAA Compliance and for customers who want strong security and support. Our customers rest easy knowing that VM Racks is protecting and securing their data 24/7.

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The table below compares VM Racks Hosting and Rackspace Hosting:

Web Server

Database Server

WAF Server

Log Retention Server

Log Retention Server

Two Factor Authentication



24/7 Support

Advanced Monitoring

OS Updates

System Patching

Log Monitoring

Host Intrusion Detection

Managed Firewall with Unified Threat Management

IP Reputation

Vulnerability Scans

Tier-based & Needs Escalation

Our Certifications

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