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Are Windows Server Platforms HIPAA Compliant

13Apr 2019
By vmradmin, VM Racks

Are Windows Server Platforms HIPAA Compliant?

Mission critical servers are valued for their longevity, and Windows is no exception. As a closed-source technology, Windows Server platforms typically have a long life-cycle, in part, because the training and manuals for the tools are proprietary, just like the software.

But similar to the Windows desktop distributions (XP, Vista, 7, 8,8.1, & 10), the Windows Server architectures can be problematic for HIPAA compliance. Yet with diligent care, a computer running Windows Server can comply with all aspects of HIPAA, and become an acceptable server on which protected health information (PHI)…

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Charity and Security Begin at Home

13Apr 2019
By vmradmin, VM Racks

It’s a debated idea in our national discourse lately, and believe it or not, there’s a parallel to cybersecurity. The charity debate (as we’ll call it) comes as a question of priorities; should we only look after ourselves and our own, and let it end there?

With no political agenda here, we can say that If one truly understands charity toward fellow man – especially in its supreme expression in the “Golden Rule” – the answer would clearly be “no.”…

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Why Establish a Security Culture

13Apr 2019
By Stephen Trout, VM Racks

Five “Security Culture” Markers:

    • Cybersecurity is a top-down, strategic part of the company’s vision
      Security is linked to business goals and relevant to board-level decisions
    • You’ve determined a “data blueprint” of how data is used
      Your team understands the context in which the data is created and used, and how it is subject to regulation.
    • Annual risk assessments are being conducted
      All risk areas, including staff, practices, and technology, are evaluated regularly.
    • Security skills and governance tools are becoming integrated into daily activities
      You’re enabling the latest protocols and encryption ciphers for data protection, using…
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